Rideau Lakes Cottages

4 season- Big Rideau Vacation Home - Rates

Pricing/ Rates:
Weekly Price Range: $ 1500 to: $ 2550
Season/Period Start End Nightly Nights Min Weekly Week Start Monthly
2018 Rates (in Canada Dollars)
Summer 2018 Jun 17 Sep 2 n/a 7 $  2,550 Sunday n/a
Sept 2018 Sep 3 Sep 30 $  500 3 $  1,900 Any Day n/a
Off-season 2018/2019 Oct 1 Dec 31 $  415 1 $  1,500 Any Day n/a
2019 Rates (in Canada Dollars)
Off-season 2018/2019 Jan 1 Jun 1 $  415 1 $  1,500 Any Day n/a

Credit Card Payments Accepted:
Visa Mastercard 

Cancellation Policy:
A cancellation made by the Renter shall be in writing and addressed to Rideau Lakes Property Management at the address stated at the top of the booking application form. Cancellation can also be emailed and will be considered accepted once a confirmation reply is received. On receipt of such notice of cancellation, we shall endeavour to re-book the holiday accommodation for the period of the original booking.
If we are successful in rebooking the holiday accommodation for the entire period originally booked, we will refund to the Renter all monies paid (whether deposit or full payment has been made) less an administration fee of $100.00 per period booked.
If we are unable to re-book your holiday accommodation, then all monies paid by the Renter (whether deposit or full payment has been made) shall be forfeited.
If we are unable to arrange the rental of the Property, due to unforeseen circumstances such as natural disaster, we will attempt to arrange alternative holiday accommodation of a similar type and cost and standard and in a similar location as that originally requested by the Renter. If the alternative holiday accommodation and/or rate is not acceptable to the Renter, we shall refund in full to the Renter all monies paid by him/her to Rideau Lakes Property Management. Requests by the Renter to switch to different cottages other than the ones that have already been booked by renter, will be provided only if the original booking property/time can be re-booked, and it will result in an additional administrative charge of $50.00.
Terms and Conditions:
Reservation is secured with a 30% deposit paid via personal cheque (if time permits) direct deposit, or email money transfer, completed renter's contract (forwarded with booking information), and post-dated cheques for the balance of rent and security deposit.